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The story of her life feels too wrong to be real, and her sense of self crumbled with her failed engagement. Struggling to cope with these things, she begins believing her life must be unreal and this is all just part of the movie. No clear trajectory, a compulsive need to be understood, and a fuckton of bad choices. She’s living her life as if she were Carrie Bradshaw but it’s quickly becoming The Truman Show. Being the main character is not all it's cracked up to be, and she's never been more desperate to find the role that fits in hopes of finally earning her status as a real person. What must you do to make the credits roll on this shitty version of your story?

Production history:

Goldsmiths MA New Writing Showcase - Soho Theatre, 2023


When Beth struggles to heal her inner-child, she begins to manifest versions of her younger self. Inconvenienced by ghosts from her past, Beth must learn how to cope in order to move forward and discover the type of mother she yearns to be. Heart-warming, surprising, and nostalgic, Pocket Full of Posies pushes us to embrace self-growth and question whether we ever truly grow up.

Production history:

Production - Act for a Change's Hide and Seek Festival, 2022


Isa is a teenager who has just moved in with her grandmother in a small beach town. Conroy is a man in his 70's who moved to the town after retirement and became ‘The Sandcastle Man’. Isa meets Conroy the day after she wrecks one of his castles. The Sandcastle Man is a 10 minute play about how we balance grief, pain and the joy of unlikely friendships. What happens when we choose creation instead of destruction?

Production history:

Reading - University of TN Chattanooga Research Dialogues, 2018

Production - Indian River Theatre of the Performing Arts, 2023

Production - Little Theatre of Watertown, New York, 2024


A coming-of-age dark comedy about young women taking their sexual urges into their own hands. When new student Evie arrives at an all-girls Catholic boarding school, she quickly discovers that her classmates are ignorant about their own bodies. Thus, Evie becomes the girls' sex-ed teacher, leading them on a journey of sexual discovery. Giving young women their long deserved voice in the narrative of their sexual awakening and highlighting the importance and dangers of not educating young people about their bodies. 

Production history:

Production - Women's Theatre Festival, 2019 

Virtual Production - Page 28 Theatre Company, 2020

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Spirit Guides and Shit Eaters

A person grappling with moving forward in life, desperate to just be told what to do and who to be now, meets someone trying to evade mortality by doing and being as much as possible. Their unique separate existential crises lead them to embark on a project together researching dead people and taking time to closely follow the path those people followed when alive. Weaving through these two people's first meeting, their time spent working together, and their last meeting. Evaluating the concept of the people who come into our lives: why and when. A nonlinear depiction and experience of grief and what it means to live and die.

Production history:

Scratch Night - London Art Bar, 2023



HotMoms DotCom

After her husband leaves her for another woman, Susannah failing to make ends meet, enters the lucrative world of homemade porn as a cam girl. From struggling to obtain work, to making six figures in the adult industry, Susannah’s life swiftly changes as she gains more popularity online. But while this new life offers newfound sexual liberation and empowerment, it also comes with the struggles of feeling a loss of bodily autonomy from the dependence on others to consume her as their personal sex object. Can she sort out her feelings about her new life in time to help her daughter get the prom dress of her dreams and go off to college?

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