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Oh Righteous God And Sinful Me

A coming-of-age dark comedy about young women taking their sexual urges into their own hands. When new student Evie arrives at an all-girls Catholic boarding school, she quickly discovers that her classmates are ignorant about their own bodies. Thus, Evie becomes the girls' sex-ed teacher, leading them on a journey of sexual discovery. Giving young women their long deserved voice in the narrative of their sexual awakening and highlighting the importance and dangers of not educating young people about their bodies. 

production history

Reading:  University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. December, 2018

Premiere: WOMEN'S THEATRE FESTIVAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. July, 2019

Virtual Production: PAGE 28 THEATRE COMPANY virtual reading. October, 2020. 

production photos


"The tension between authoritarianism and adolescent self-expression leads to a climax as every bit as cathartic as you could hope for..."

"At times hilarious, at times heart-rending, the play brings to mind a lovechild born of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale and Netflix’s Sex Education. Sister Mary Paul’s steely, almost machine-like manner expresses well the unbending nature of Holy Scripture while Evie’s rebellion expresses the folly of youth, moving too far too fast. As conservatism, both secular and otherwise, rises in our society, this is a timely play which raises deep and valid questions about how we subjugate young females in the name of protecting them." -- N. Moeed, review from Chatham Life and Style

"This play is so satisfying. It's like what I *wanted* Dead Poets Society to be-- a drama-filled boarding school tale, but with girls! Feminist, raunchy, funny, punchy, twisty, truthful. Plus, Evie is one of my favorite protagonists in recent memory."  -Ruthie Allen, recommendation posted to New Play Exchange



cast of Page 28 Theatre Company production

cast of Women's Theatre Festival production 

cast of first table read 

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