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Pocket Full of Posies

Pocket Full of Posies was written for Atlanta theatre company Act for a Change as part of their "Hide and Seek" festival benefitting the charity The Mother's Advocacy Project. The show ran at The Windmill Arts Center June 9-11th, 2022.  

Beth is a woman whose struggle to heal her inner child manifests by being confronted by various version of her younger self (at the most inconvenient of times.) Beth must learn how to stop being distracted and haunted by her own memories of childhood in order to move forward and discover the type of mother she wants to be. 

The play embodied the theme the company was looking for by addressing the way hiding from and searching for pieces of ourselves follows us into adulthood, while addressing that not every woman instantly feels a natural comfortability to becoming a mother.  

Cast: Natalia Perez, Jade Crosby, and Pierre Boncy. Directed by Katelin Chesna.

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