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I have always had a good eye for aesthetics, so I decided to help take over my college theatre department's Instagram page, increasing likes by 95% and amassing more than 100 new followers.

My own personal Instagram page has helped me be an ambassador for certain brands (NOT pyramid schemes...) and has more than 3.5k following. 

I am very interested in running the Instagram pages for whatever theatre company or production agency that I work for, and I am always trying to expand my repertoire of skills. 

On my own personal Instagram page, I tried to go with a light, crisp, island breeze vibe. I love to edit photographs and make them match the aesthetic that I am trying to accomplish. 

Social media is rarely an accurate representation of our lives, I am not constantly on an island sipping out of a coconut living the lap of luxury. Could have fooled you though, right? 

I don't embrace being disingenuous, but I do embrace the ability to sell what you are trying to sell. For me summer of 2019, I was trying to sell my life as tropical and stylish, which helped me catch the eye of tropical and stylish brands!


Obviously, for the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Theatre Department's Instagram page, I am going for a different aesthetic than I am on my personal page. To make the page look professional and inviting, helping make it one of the main recruitment tools for young people searching for the right place to pursue their degree, I wanted to include lots of good production photos and set them up on the page in an interesting way, pleasing to the eye. UTCTC puts on amazing shows, so it was easy to get find photographs, and I tried to use strategic angles and color patterns to draw people into the photos.

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