My name is Linsey Watkins, I am a 22-year-old playwright, actor, and screenwriter located in Chattanooga, TN working on my BA in theatre and creative writing at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

When I was 19 years old I decided to finally figure out what I was capable of, so I began to write and complete a short screenplay in 6 hours, then proceeded to direct, act in, and produce the screenplay that summer. We had a turnout of 500 people at the premiere, and it has 3.4k views on YouTube. My film, My Sister's Wedding Date, is not my best writing due to the fact I wrote it in 6 hours and did not go back to edit it, but it proved to me what I really knew all along: that I was capable of getting things done. Ever since the premiere of my film, I have had an unstoppable determination to create. Collaborating with other artists and telling stories that resonate with people is so important to me. 

By 21 I have completed my first full-length play, Oh Righteous God And Sinful Me, which had its first full production this same year.

The play premiered at the Women's Theatre Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina and was very well received by audience members and critics. 

My goals moving forward after graduation involve moving to Atlanta and getting a job writing for television as well as continuing to relentlessly write and see productions of my own plays. I eventually would like to attend graduate school to get my MFA in playwriting, but I want to work and travel before I begin that journey. 

My goals are high, but my determination is fueled by a passion for what I do and I will continue to learn and grow through everything to come along the way. 

What am I working on right now, you ask?

  • April 2020 the Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program at UTC will sponsor a performance of my play Oh Righteous God And Sinful Me

  • I performed in UTC's production of Sarah DeLappe's The Wolves as #7 October 1-6, 2019.

  • My play Oh Righteous God And Sinful Me premiered at the Women's Theatre Festival in Raleigh, NC as part of the WTFringe collection on July 13th with another show on July 14th, 2019. 

  • I was interviewed on NPR's "The State of Things" in North Carolina to talk about my play Oh Righteous God And Sinful Me and the importance of sex education in schools

"We need a type of theatre which not only releases the feelings, insights, and impulses possible within the particular historical field of human relations in which the action takes place, but employs and encourages those thoughts and feelings which help transform the field itself." Bertolt Brecht

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